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Need help with your Website and Marketing?

I Create Customized Websites and Marketing Campaigns

♦ Offering face-to-face meetings

♦  Customized Campaigns with REAL Results!


♦ Full Service Agency – I cover every aspect of your digital campaign

◊ I supply everything needed to build, market, rank, and maintain

♦ Over 25 years experience in Marketing/Advertising

♦ Specializing in Agent marketing 7+ years (Health, Life, P&C, Real Estate)

◊ Marketing Regulations, Logo Specifications, HIPAA Compliance etc.

♦ Using WordPress exclusively since 2008

♦ Google Trusted Tester since 2010

♦ Licensed, Bonded, Insured

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Results, Results, Results

⊕ I offer results, plain and simple.  Proven and Verifiable results that most people say are unattainable. 

⊕ No magic, smoke and mirrors, gimmicks, or black hat techniques; just knowledge, technology and hard work.

I’m not flashy, well known, or have thousands of clients, but after 25 years of designing and marketing, I have the required skills, and I know what works.

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Did You Know?

Did You Know 2

Just because you place an ad, post a picture or build a website, doesn’t mean people will click on it or even see it.

Think about this.  Any time you do a search online (for anything) how many search results are there?  Total.  As you can see in this image from a search for Health Insurance in Las Vegas, there are over 1 MILLION listings!  Yes, 1 MILLION.

At 10 listings per page, that’s 100,000 pages for “Health Insurance” in Las Vegas.

Google search result for Health Insurance in Las Vegas, Nevada_In

See this search result LIVE!

Stand Apart From Your Competition

So how do you stand out in an ocean of competitors, with some of those competitors being national directories like Yelp or Yellow Pages or large national corporations with entire marketing departments and spending millions on advertising?  Your website needs to be optimized and built correctly, your SEO needs to be top notch, and your marketing needs to be relevant and compelling; drawing your customers attention to you and away from your competitors.  You need to be on the first page of the search engines and ranked in the top three, but you must also convert all those visitors to paying customers with a fast, informative, and easy to navigate website.

Ranking #1

For a complete and dominant online campaign, and the most traffic/customers, you must compete everywhere.  Oh, before I forget, remember that search result and the companies listed on page one.  One of those is my client, who is ranking #1 above some very large national companies like Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, e-health, Aetna and others.  Sorry, let me get back to my explanation. 🙂  Your website, SEO, and your marketing campaign needs to be personalized to YOU and YOUR industry, not some cookie cutter campaign five or ten years years old.  A campaign for a dog groomer will not work for a lawyer, from the design of the website, the SEO used, and the marketing campaign itself.

Do Your Homework

Most of all, you need someone competent and capable of achieving these very high goals.  Don’t be fooled.  Do your homework.  Sounds simple enough, but you’d be surprised at some of the stuff I’ve seen over the years.  Also, ranking a website for a dog groomer in the middle of some small town in Kansas is NOT as competitive as a lawyer or insurance agent in Las Vegas.  I live in Las Vegas, I know Las Vegas, and I help my clients compete for rankings in Las Vegas.

I Create Custom Campaigns with REAL Results

The BIG idea - Jim Puglin - Website Design | SEO | Internet Marketing

Do You Like Wasting Money?

If You’re Serious, Read My Website

Do your due diligence and actually READ my website.  Yes, word for word and line for line.  Don’t just glance around and breeze through, there is important information that can help in your decision making progress…and save you money.  This is you…doing your homework.  Actually research my ranking claims and prior clients.  I supply everything you need to verify my claims because I can deliver on my claims and can do everything I say.  If you can’t find something you need, just ask me and I’ll provide it.

If you do what EVERYONE else is doing, you’ll probably get the same results as them.

As a Business Owner, What Are Your Options?

Learn Everything Yourself

There are a lot of people/agencies/websites out there that try to TEACH you how to build a website, market that website, rank that website, setup SEO correctly, market on social media, setup and maintain security measures and everything else related to marketing or web design.  They usually make it sound simple, and if you do it their way, you’ll get instant results and boatloads of traffic or customers.

Red Dollar Sign - Jim Puglin

Go Cheap…Low Budget

Then there are the friends, relatives, neighbors, local companies/people, and out-of-the-country internet marketers that say they can do all this for you.  They tell you that they can do everything I’m doing, but at a fraction of the cost.  But how good is the price, no matter how low, if it doesn’t work?

Spending the Big Money, But Not Getting the Results

Last but not least, you can pay top dollar with a large and well known, full service ad agency.  These “advertising” firms service thousands of clients and are typically centered around buying advertising for the large corporate customer.  An agency like this is where I got my start many years ago.  Most agencies now have separate departments for internet marketing, SEO, and web design, but typically use older techniques and technology.  The talent and techniques are usually “shared” with workers, who then try to implement campaigns on their own and are forced to work with so many clients that quality and performance is an after thought.  I call this the cookie cutter syndrome and is simply repeated over and over to all their clients, irregardless if the campaign actually works well or not.

I’m not trying to bash everyone, there are pages and pages of local Las Vegas companies/people listed in the Google search results for website design, SEO, and internet/digital marketing.  Some of those are actually qualified and proficient.  But how can you, as a person searching for results, know who is legit and who is not?  That’s simple…do your homework, research their past clients and look at the results.

It can be done…and IS being done

I’ve actually listened to a few sales pitches from some of these companies.  Some promise you #1 rankings on Google (but have NO clients that are ranked #1 on Google), and then I’ve also heard warnings that if a company does promise you #1 rankings on Google, to simply run away, because noone can get you the coveted #1 position on page one of Google.  Well, it can be done, is being done, but by only a few select people/companies.  So I’ll repeat myself here…do your homework, research their past clients and look at the results.

I am experienced in internet marketing, SEO, and website design, and an expert in developing dynamic campaigns tailored to the client and their industry.
These custom campaigns consistently compete for the top search rankings year after year.
Proven and Verifiable Results!

My Philosophy, My Business Model

As for me, to create the type of website, SEO, and internet marketing campaign that will rank you on page one (in the top three spots) and compete against the major players (large corporations with deep pockets) you need to do everything correctly and it needs to be done in a specific way.  This is my profession, my career, and I know how hard it is and how long it takes for me to achieve these goals.  I remember hearing someone say once “If it was so easy…everybody would be doing it.”

Another saying from an old movie (Highlander) that I love to repeat is “There can be only one!”  For each search term, there is only one #1 ranking.  There is only one page 1, and only 10 websites on page 1.  Now remember that search ranking from above with 1 MILLION listings?  All those people would love to be #1, but guess what, it’s not that easy.

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How good is the price if it doesn’t work?

Websites and the fake facade - Jim Puglin

But the website looks sooooo pretty!

Typically, in the sales process, companies will show multiple “Fancy” websites to their customers, hoping that the beautiful website will prove how good they are at design and marketing.  Please remember this, just because a website LOOKS awesome, doesn’t always mean it will perform well or rank high in search results.

I have a saying, “Performance over Pretty.”

I think of the old west movie sets where the whole town is just a big fake facade.  What do I mean by PERFORM?  The website looks nice from the customer facing side, but core functions that make a website complete, usable, searchable, fast, and also rank in the search engines, are non-existent.

You are Not Alone

Even some large well known companies have been fooled by these shady practices; purchasing a beautiful website that was actually just a shell.

The worst part, a normal person would never know until it was too late…if ever.

What's so great about my websites and marketing campaigns_In

I firmly believe in solid marketing strategy + top ranking website + powerful messaging = conversion.

What you say, how you say it and where you place it matters (don’t let anyone tell you otherwise).

I offer one-on-one client meetings and personal service (yes, I actually listen to what you want and expect) compared to the cookie cutter factory assembly line of traditional agencies and online marketers.

 Proven and Verifiable Results

 Optimized for Speed and SEO

 Aggressive Cutting Edge Marketing

I Know You’re Busy

As a business owner, you don’t have the time to worry about Marketing, Website Design, SEO, Social Media, Blogging and all the other categories that are needed to have a dominant, top ranking campaign.  That’s why I handle EVERYTHING!  And I do mean everything.  All the essential items that are needed to build, promote and maintain this type of marketing.  Why do everything?  Because even the smallest of things (let’s say weekly blog posts), if left undone or incorrectly, can have an effect on the overall campaign.  Plus, not every business owner is a competent writer or blogger and most actually hate it.  Handling every aspect of a campaign ensures I have everything I need and at the level required to dominate an industry.

Is it time for a marketing checkup 2_Modified - Jim Puglin

What are YOU worth?

I always ask myself, my family, friends and clients; how much are you worth hourly?  Once you know that figure, you must decide which parts of the business warrant your time and which ones to outsource.  I believe anyone can learn to do anything if they study and work at it long enough.  But isn’t that a waste of time…and money?  If you are a salesperson, and good at what you do, stick with sales.  Focus on what YOU are good at and let others handle what THEY are good at.  Learn to let go of certain aspects of running the business that are below your pay grade.


I’ve come to realize that everyone is saying the same basic stuff that I am.  Everything I’m saying here is probably being said by every other marketer and web designer out there.  These words, phrases and claims just being repeated over and over.

As I’ve stated before, always do your homework and research their clients and any ranking claims they publish.

Not everyone is a PERFECT fit…

If you’re not sure WHY ranking in the top three on page one of Google is beneficial, or if you need to be SOLD, or be subjected to “hard selling”, I am not your guy.  But if you understand the need for marketing, embrace it, and want a legitimate campaign that offers actual results; then I encourage you to continue your tour through my website.  When you’re ready to begin (or have a question,) fill out the form or simply call me.

Thank you for visiting,


Let’s Get Started

I know this can get confusing, but I’m here to help and guide you.

Begin by clicking on a service below for more information.

Website Design and Development: is the first step (and most crucial part) in any marketing campaign.  This is where your customer comes to learn about you and/or your product.  A website should act like a salesperson, operating 24/7/365 and follow the ABC’s of sales.  Always Be Closing.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

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Internet Marketing:

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Social Media Marketing:

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Online Reviews:

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Market Share:

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Website Security: Protecting you and your customer is something I take VERY seriously.  I take safety precautions (over and above the standard) on every level to protect you from accidents, prying eyes, and thieves/hackers.  I also maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with applicable regulatory standards.

How I Protect Your Website: SSL Encryption for Website, Two-Factor Login Authentication, HIPAA Compliance,  E-mail Security + Encryption, Firewall, Daily Scanning for Malicious Code, Cross-site scripting (XXS) Protection, SQL Injection Protection, DoS and DDoS Attack Protection, Suspicious Activity Tracking and Blocking, Daily Backups with 3x Redundancy

UX and Page Speed:

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UX and Page Speed: Use wording from page once it’s created.  This is just for placement.  Use wording from page once it’s created.  This is just for placement.  Use wording from page once it’s created.  This is just for placement.  Use wording from page once it’s created.  This is just for placement.

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